Year Two: Dear Mom, a letter to you on your birthday.


Dear Mom, I miss you. Two years ago today was the last time I saw you face to face and hugged you for the last time. It seems like a faint memory now – like a strange dream. People say grief has stages – but I’ve come to know that the “stages” are not linear […]

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When your Heart Really Hurts at Christmas

I’ve debated writing this for many reasons – one, is that I feel like most of my writing and even my everyday communication with others has been pretty depressing lately. There have been so many ups and downs with fostering, and other journeys we’ve been on. It’s been a hard season, and it’s seemed to […]

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Between the Broken and Beautiful

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Between the broken and beautiful. That’s where I sit today and most days- knowing that life is a journey and we are pilgrims and there are moments of beauty and moments of broken-and most times we are somewhere in-between. Learning how to parent a toddler has me on both sides of the extreme most days. […]

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Five things I learned in Five Days of Foster Care


  The moment we got the first call, my heart pounded and I started feeling an array of emotions. Excitement, anxiety, worry, hope, joy, dread…the list could go on. Dan and I had thought about becoming foster parents for years, but had a lot of “reasons” why we couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do it. […]

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To Be a Refuge: Making room for more

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We’ve been considering opening our home and our hearts to children in foster care for awhile now. For many reasons, we’ve been hesitant. And if you’re interested in adoption and/or taking care of orphans, you’ve probably thought about these things, too.  There seems to be a big need for a safe place for children to […]

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The Crack is where the Light gets in.


Healing Hearts: A Creative Journey Through Art & Movement Hello, friends. I wanted to share something beautiful that is coming out of the broken pieces. Bringing beauty from brokenness is something God loves to do and I’m so grateful. He is a God who brings beauty from ashes, a garment of praise instead of a spirit […]

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Dear Mom. A letter to you on your birthday.

Dear Mom, A year ago today, on your birthday, was the last day I saw you. And this is the last picture I took of you- on Christmas. (Thank you for always being willing to be goofy so others would have fun and laugh). I came over with your favorite cake- tiramisu, and a little gift. You […]

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On the Refugee Crisis and Following Jesus

I felt compelled this morning to speak on this. As I was driving to Denver for my flight, these words started coming and I used the voice-to-text to track my thoughts (which I love since a lot of my deep thoughts tend to come to me while driving :)) I shared on Facebook and Instagram, […]

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World Adoption Day and Next Steps

Why does it have to be so hard? My heart overflowed on Sunday at church when we prayed together as a church family for the orphans of the world, for the foster children in our own city and state – for families who have chosen to bring foster and adopted kids into their homes. We […]

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Exhausted but in Pursuit

I love listening to podcasts during the day when I’m working on editing for work and other projects. Today I listened to a Bethel sermon by Eric Johnson called “Exhausted but in Pursuit”. The title itself spoke volumes to my heart as this is something we’ve been experiencing for the last year – sometimes with passion […]

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